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If you’re looking for something that was shown or shared on my TikTok or Instagram, then you’re in the right place! I link pretty much everything you guys ask about so… HAPPY SHOPPING!

For Vitality and Alani Nu, you can use my code CHLOE for free shipping. For Vivienne’s play mat, I have a discount linked on my Instagram ‘baby items’ highlight!

My Instagram: @chloegottschalk

My TikTok: @omgitschloeb

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Chloe Gottschalk

Chloe Gottschalk

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I’m a certified personal trainer who is fed up with the fitness industry. I’ve never followed any of the strange health and fitness rules I see floating around the internet, and I’ve been able to maintain and improve both my physical and mental health for the past 3 years.  Want to know how I did it? 

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