Let’s Bloom Together

You don’t have to sacrifice living your life in order to reach your health and fitness goals.

With Bicah Body, you can become your happiest and most confident self while eating foods you genuinely love and by doing workouts you actually enjoy.

It’s time to stop letting your life revolve around fitness, and instead let fitness revolve around your life. 

bicah body

 is here to help you with workouts,

nutrition, and living a balanced lifestyle.

For $9.99 a month, the Bicah Body membership includes five different things: workouts, recipes, monthly challenges, exclusive content, and a supportive community.

For the workouts, you’ll get two workouts each day – one home workout and one gym workout, all of which are written by Chloe Gottschalk herself, a certified personal trainer. This includes form demonstration videos for every single exercise in every single workout, which makes up a library of over 950 videos.

 You’ll also get access to our recipe library, which has over 125 delicious and nutritious recipes, none of which will have the calories or macros listed on them. Plus, we add three more EVERY single week. We want to show you how to eat for your body and your goals, all while maintaining and encouraging a healthy relationship with food, which is why Bicah Body is centered around intuitive eating

You’ll Have Access To:

bicah body love

Whether you join Bicah Body for the workouts, recipes, or community, we know that you’re going to absolutely love it here. You can say goodbye to all of the fads and myths floating around the fitness world, and say hello to a life of true balance. At Bicah Body, we won’t make you feel guilty for skipping a workout or eating your favorite foods. We’ll celebrate the fact that you can do those things while still reaching your goals! And we can’t wait to show you how.

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